Eggettes is a Hong Kong street snack called Gai Daan Jai which derives from the word “egg”. The basic ingredients for this iconic street food are flour, eggs, and sugar. It originated in Hong Kong during China’s civil war in the 1950s. As food supply became scarce due to a growing population, locals came up with creative ways to make use of their resources. Back then, eggettes were cooked on the street with charcoal stoves and sold by the egglet for one cent each!

Today there are many recipes and variations to this snack as it is made by different vendors and stores around the world. Eggettes NY’s mission is to share and celebrate the rich history this snack holds by sharing it with people from all walks of life. Of course, we keep the original flour, eggs, and sugar in our batter but we’ll leave the modern twist part to your imagination!

“The fondest memory I have of my childhood was of my grandmother and I getting eggettes together from the Mosco Street stand in Chinatown when I was four years old. At the time, we lived on Mott Street and I could see the stand right outside my window. It was known as the best eggette spot in the city.

I’d like to think that a lot of locals around my age have a memory of the eggette stand like mine. Sure there were other stands in the area, but people would come from all over the city to have these eggettes. That’s because they were the perfect combination of fresh, crispy and puffy.

To this day, I still remember the taste and the fond memories I have of my grandmother and I ending each day with a can of Coke and a pack of eggettes. It seems like it was just yesterday when my grandmother and I were getting eggettes together.”

-Mike Tan