Great Benefits of Chicken Egg-Whites

Have you heard of the benefits of chicken egg white? If combined with other nutritional ingredients, they will become a very good compound for your skin.

Natural beauty care products are increasingly being used popularly in cosmetology. They are not only healthful, but also more effective than other chemical products such as lotions and chemical treatments.

And egg whites are also not on this list. If you combine it with other ingredients, you can see their amazing benefits on the skin. Plus, you can easily find these ingredients at home (or you can easily afford them).

The best part you can like about this method is that you won’t need to spend time and money on cosmetic expenses. Instead, enjoy the benefits of a home spa session.

Great Benefits of Chicken Egg-Whites

How to use egg white to make skin more beautiful

1. Reduce wrinkles


– The egg white of an egg

– One tablespoon of flour

– One tablespoon of honey.


– First, wash your face thoroughly with warm water and cleanser

– Then mix the egg white, flour and honey into one bowl

– Mix until they become a smooth, thick paste

– Apply to your face, especially the wrinkles

– Gently rub your face with your hands to exfoliate

– Leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash your face with warm water

– Gently dry with a soft cloth

– Finally, use moisturizer to complete.

2. Anti-dry skin

This treatment should be applied at night before going to bed. The first time applying, it should be repeated twice a week to be more effective. Then you can drop it once a week.

Great Benefits of Chicken Egg-Whites


– Egg-white

– One tablespoon of olive oil

– One tablespoon of honey


– First, wash your face with warm water and cleanser

– Then, mix egg white, honey and olive oil in a bowl

– Apply the mixture to your face and neck in a circular motion

– Let it sit in the skin for 10 minutes and then wash thoroughly with warm water

– Finally, if you want, you can use more creams.

3. Reduce puffiness

Located just below the eye, the eye pouch is a defect that makes faces look older than they are and they appear when you stay up late and lack sleep.

To improve the problem, the nutrients contained in egg whites can significantly reduce this problem if you apply them 2-3 times a week.


– Egg-white


– Beat the egg whites evenly

– Next, wash your face with warm water and cleanser

– Use a cotton swab to apply the beaten egg white around your puffiness

– Leave the mask on for 10 minutes (or until the egg is dry). Then wash your face with warm water

– Gently dry with a soft cloth, because the skin in this area is very sensitive.

4. Eliminate dirt, sebum

A whole day of hard work, your face will accumulate a lot of dirt and oil. If not removed early, they will form acne, blackheads.


– 1 egg white

– Toilet paper or blotting paper

– An old makeup brush.


– Put the egg white into the bowl and beat with a fork so that it is not liquid

– Remove your makeup by washing your face with warm water and cleanser, then gently wipe with a towel.

– Get a piece of toilet paper or a tissue through your nose

– Next, remove the egg white evenly on a tissue paper and place it on the nose

– Repeat this operation on the forehead, chin, cheeks

– Let dry for about 30 minutes

– After that, carefully remove each paper solution

– Wash your face with warm water and soap to remove paper from the face

– Finally, you can use additional moisturizer.

Great Benefits of Chicken Egg-Whites

5. Stretch the eyelids

The eyelid is the place where the change is most evident over time. Fortunately, egg whites can reduce skin duplication and the appearance of wrinkles.


– 1 egg white

– 1 cotton swab.


– Put the whites in a bowl and beat until the whites are smooth

– After that, wash your face to remove dirt and makeup

– Soak a cotton ball in egg white and gently apply it to the eyelids gently from the inside out (starting from near the nose)

– Let dry for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

– Repeat once a day.

6. Exfoliate and remove age spots from skin

This way is a very effective way to remove impurities. You should use this method at night, once a week.


– Egg-white

– Two teaspoons of lemon juice

– ½ teaspoon honey.


– First, put the egg white and lemon juice into the bowl and mix well

– Then, add honey and stir to form plastic

– Wash your face and wipe dry. Then apply to the skin

– Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and remove and wash your face with warm water.


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